2 Day Venepuncture Course


Venepuncture Refresher


Certificate of Competency


Do you want to learn to how to take blood?


Would you like to learn new skills and take advantage of the UK’s current high demand for phlebotomists?


Perhaps you are a Healthcare Assistant and would like to supplement your income with part-time phlebotomy work.


Or, are you unemployed or about to leave school with little or no formal qualifications?


Are you retired or semi-retired and would like persue a completely different vocation?

Whether you have just had your training course, have been taking bloods for a while or just been out of the loop, our refresher course is perfect for you.


You have already done all the hard work so why not take advantage of our venepuncture refresher course and update your skills or just even get some confidence back.

Our certificate of competency service is designed for those who already possess the necessary skills to take blood but require a competency certificate for employment.


We don’t just hand them out though! You will be required to attend an assessment  or we will attend your place of work (added charges apply), you will be awarded your certificate of competency upon a satisfactory completion of the assessment. 


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